• Excellent Strategic locations
    • Very reasonably priced
    • Quality infrastructure
    • High-end club house & Amenities
    • Clear Titles
    • Round the clock security


Ferns Estates & Developers® that commenced operations in 1988 has been instrumental in bringing the concept of Fun Homes to Bangalore.

At a time when the only option for a buyer was to purchase an apartment or an isolated plot for construction of a house, Ferns Estates launched its gated community living. It was basically a few plots put together with bare necessities like security, electricity, water etc. However, it did give the people the chance to come out of their claustrophobic city homes and handcraft their own paradise. This was just the beginning though.

As time passed, FERNS started envisaging a 365 day holiday dream for its clients. Spacious homes with gardens, gym, swimming pool etc in close proximity and most importantly the serenity was nothing less than a retreat for the dwellers of Ferns Homes. Rightfully, Ferns Homes got the alias ‘Fun Homes’ in due course.

‘Everything comes at a cost’. This is what is ingrained in our basic thought process. In case of ‘Ferns Homes’ – ‘Everything has come with a return’ with plots appreciating as much as 100 times in last decade or so.

Unparallel acumen to pick up the right locations, impeccable execution and a track record that speaks for itself makes FERNS, the preferred choice of buyers who are really looking for their HOME SWEET HOME.