Prestige Ferns Galaxy, Outer Ring Road,

Prestige Ferns Galaxy
Front Elevation Of The Building
Front Elevation Of The Building
View of West Elevation.
Rear Elevation Of The Building.
View Of East Elevation.
Front Side-Clay Tile Cladding Wall-Tile Fixing Work completed.
SG1 Area-Clay Tile Cladding fixing work completed. .
Terrace-Parasol ACP Cladding work in Progress.
Front Canopy ACP & glass fixing work in progress.
Terrace level- View of water cooled chiller plant room.
7th floor toilet false celling work in progress.
4th ,5th ,6th ,7th & 8th floor -Passenger Lifts Lobby-False ceiling work in progress.
Ground floor passenger lift lobby - Aluminum door installation in progress
Pump Room- Hydropnuematic pump installation work in progress. .
STP- Flushing pump installation work in progress.
2nd & 4th floor – Toilet partition installation work in progress.
Surface parking area road work in progress.
DG painting work in progress.
Exit drive way work in progress.
View of Drop off area flooring work in progress. .
Front side landscape work in progress.
Entrance drop off area - Planting in progress.
OWC – Civil works in progress.
Rear side driveway - Red earth filling work in progress.
Picture shot at site
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Prestige Ferns Galaxy

Prestige Ferns Galaxy, a flagship project of Ferns Estates & Developers in association with Prestige Constructions, is a commercial complex comprising of 9 floors with a leasable area of 6 lakh sq. ft.

Located on Outer Ring Road, just opposite to Iblur Lake, adjoining Akme Harmony apartments with access from the main Outer Ring Road.